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What to wear?

I suggest you dress comfortably. Casual attire often works best. Try to avoid lots of white. Solid colors are great, and textures and layers work well too. For families and groups, try to coordinate. That doesn’t mean you all have to match. Each person should be dressed comfortably. I suggest neutrals and complementary colors. Don't be afraid to be creative, and feel free to bring a change of clothes. Accessories are fine too – be they scarves, gloves, overcoats, anything else that best expresses your own style.

For the kids - bring a favorite toy, stuffed animal or blanket, this can really work to make them comfortable - especially near the end of the session.

For newborns and babies - Sometimes a diaper or diaper cover –or if you prefer, just their birthday suit – suits little ones best. Infants and newborns are sometimes grouchy and less amenable to photos when they’re wearing lots of layers.


Props are always good – so feel free to bring your favorite sporting gear, team hat, toy -- whatever. If we work at your place, we can include a favorite chair, couch or anything else that can make your session more unique & more you.

Booking your Session